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Stone of Balance

December 7th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
As hard as a RPG can get. You can get all the dificult you want and tune it with the walkthrough.
I somewhat enjoyed the rated content but felt sorry about young dinkers not going to play this great adventure.
If you sell all the green mushies you lose the hellfire then need to start over. That start over thing is part of any good game but happened too much. It's an evil way to make the game bigger, specially in an already huge one.

Story One - Music
Good start. Low and mid level monsters - the scorpions are perfect!. After I got the throwing "invisible" hammer I had a good stay.

Story Two - Maze
A medium map if you go "straight" to the boss, a huge map if you want the golden hearts. The save machines were well placed. Blessed herb boots. If you like to be a fireball magnet you are in home here

Story Three - Desert
Great change of landscape, made forget the other two, great final.

Story Four - Religion
No way to finish this one without the walk. If you did you are a Seer. Full of resources to rebuild your stats. I had a very long and enjoyable stay on this one.

Story Five - Gold
Had to use the walk for the riddles. The NPCs could have some hints. Nasty bug with the lettuce, pick only one.

Story Sex err Six
Fine Woody Alen Boobs, when i first saw I thought they were gazers lol. The other two new monsters were more obvious.

Story Seven - End
Got killed enough, then start over for some eastern egg potions, then got freezed a couple more times. The game just dont wanted to end.

Overall: Great!