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Stone of Balance

July 4th, 2002
Score : 9.3 exceptional
Peasant Male
Stone Of Balance, a great D-MOD, a very very GOOD D-MOD. This D-MOD has many features that makes it stand out from the crowd. The main one that I can think of, has to be its graphics. Absolutely, brilliantly done here. The graphics really show SimonK knows what he is doing when making D-MODS. There are goods, there are bads, here is what I think...


Has to be the graphics, these graphics are really well put together and show just how good at graphics our SimonK really is. I feel that these graphics really improve Stone Of Balance, and think that if he were to ever make a sequel, then it would be equally as good. Graphics are not the only good thing about this D-MOD, I also think that the scripting and story scripts are very well put together. I think that the size of this D-MOD is tremendous. It keeps the game going on, and on. Making this adventure last yonks longer than it normally would. Not only this, but the way everything comes together is very cleverly thought out. From the strengths side, this D-MOD has a great set of EXCELLENT features. Very well done, 100% good. Well done SimonK, give yourself a pat on the back.


Hmmm, now this IS a hard one. The D-MOD is so well put together I do not know what to say in this section of the review. Hmmm, yes, maybe there is something. I did not like the way this D-MOD has been made, in ways of saying graphics. The rude language and graphics may be what some people call good, but from my point of view, this is very bad. A younger person may come to this page, download Stone Of Balance, play it, only to be offended by what he sees. I am thinking of re-writing SOB to make it suitable for a younger audience, as the way that it has been done here, is very bad. This does not make a D-MOD good, just makes it very offending to people that get offended by stuff like this. I will have to get permission from SimonK to do this, but for you younger authors, do not download this version. Wait untill the re-write comes out, otherwise, get another D-MOD. What this D-MOD contains may offend you, or your family. Stay clear here.


A D-MOD packed to the brim with graphics. A Very well put together storyline, and a handfull of new scripts. Great game here, but, if you are young, then I would not recommend this game to you. For older people however, go and check this D-MOD out. A stunning addition to Dink Smallwood.

Total - 9.3
Grade A

End Comment "Young authors, do not download this"