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Stone of Balance

February 23rd, 2003
Score : 9.7 exceptional
This D-Mod is one of the greatest of all the Dmods available. Play it and you'll see. SoB is very long, though it gets sometimes boring. Lots of worlds, or "stories" to complete. Story plots are good. It's not big in MEGs, so anyone can download it.

Aprentice wizard broke into Stone of Balance's Sanctum, trying to rob the stone. His hands were unclean, and the stone broke into seven pieces, flying every direction. Priests called Dink for help, to obtain those pieces. Howewer, one piece remains to wizard. He's master sent him to gather the stone pieces. There is something else, but I don't want to spoil it. Awesome! Plot is well made, and side-quests fit good to storyline. *Average: 9.7*

New truly awesome and incredible graphics such as: Scorpions, quicksand, gold castles, trees and houses... Story 6 was full of new graphics like trees that have 3 arms, bouncing boobs, feathers... *Average: 9.9*

Midis were great, and I mean great. They fit the situation perfectly. They were taken from other Dinks and some from who-knows-where. However, I usually don't recognize new sounds, but scorpion screams were new atleast. *Average: 9.5*

There was just too much sex in this D-mod. That lowers the score atleast a little. World 2 was the most boring world in my opinion. Run trough maze with full of fireballs bouncing around. Riddles were okay, not too hard or easy. If you miss secrets in story 1, it will be hard in later stories. End boss has cool graphics. When you had to stop when completing it, you don't want to. SoB2 Pilgrim's Quest is must download! (I might never be able to do so, my modem is so crappy, it will cancel the connection sometimes, I don't know why.)
FINAL SCORE: *9.7* <Exceptional>