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Save Scroll

August 26th, 2003
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Peasant Male Australia
Not a bad idea, the zip includes a script for the scroll use, x2 scripts for a merchant who can sell the scroll, a bmp for the scroll item.

The scroll works by saving the current game once in the slot 10 save game option, then the scroll is killed.

There is a very basic readme file which helps you to install but it doesnít cover everthing such as how to put the bmp into the DMOD via the dink.ini file. A very important step that an experienced DMOD author will know how to do, but not the novice/newbie author.

Also the merchant scripts work on the sprite the script is attached to, most merchant scripts are actually attached to the bench in front of the merchant sprite (as per the original game) which is also something I do. So if you were to take a sample screen from the original game of a shop interior and attached the sample script provided here the bench would be talking and not the generated merchant sprite.

Also these sample scripts donít include any base_walk, brain info so unless youíve used DinkEdit or WDE to add these at map stage the sprite behaves incorrectly. Or rather if you do give the characters the ability to walk, then they donít freeze by the script. Which they should.

Also the scripts donít exit cleanily if Dink doesnít have enough money, or even if he doesÖ you get an extra choice screen of wanting to buy something.

And the add_item() command in the scripts assumes that the scroll-01.bmp is actually bmp number 5! You need to change this in both scripts to get them to work, once youíve gone into dink.ini and added a load_sequence command for 850.

And finally if you are using an alternate hero type DMOD, I had the original graphics of Dink suddenly appear after using the save scroll. Why? Iím not sure at the moment, as Iíve managed to save by other scripts and reload without a problem in this mod, and since I have already wasted too much of my time debugging this file I am moving onto other things. No warning about this in the readme file.

I think if the save scroll idea would be better if you could save anywhere in the 10 slots, and if it had the option of multiple saves.

Also the files all unzip into the same folder which means the author has to them go and move them to the right DMOD folders, an unnecessary extra step.

Fix the bugs please.

3 out of 10