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June 9th, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male
Hmmm, install maker... heres what I think the pros and cons of this little device are.....


Well basically, I think that install makers ease of use, and user friendly interface makes it a very good utility to use. I think that it makes installers very easily and quickly. This is also a very good way to distrobute your files that are not D-MODS. For example, you may need to have some files in one folder, other files in another, and a few in this one. (A web page tutorial in this instance) However, you cannot load the HTML file as some files are in the wrong folder and, oh this is horrible. With the proffesional install maker from click team, none of this unzipping matters. Simply say what you want in the installer and the visional skeleton of where the files or folders should go. Send it to the Dink Network, and let your guests gaze at the wonderous installer you've implemented. I also think that the other options you can put into it, like graphical backgrounds and text.


As ehasl said it can be very dodgy, so I recommend trying to install it to your computer and then virus checking it before sending it off to all of those happy little Dinkers. This is probably the only weakness I could find so the scroe will be very high.


A great little program, packed to the brim with features. I use this and an autorun maker, put my files on a CD, and distrobute it around my area. Customers are amazed by its ease of use.

Total 9.9
Grade A*

End comment "You want to make your customers happy by an easy way to distrobute your files? Then download this!"