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Impossible Scenarios

Those things are sharp. From the COTPATD project.
February 17th, 2005
Score : 5.0 fair
Impossible scenarios:
I did like the story, but the it was to easy to play.
Graphics: There were no new graphics. I missed that. I thought by the Impossible Scenarios that there were a few new graphics.
Scripting: The screenlock always disappeared when you kill one of the enemies. And the ducks in end were a really pain in the ass. You had to kill to many of them. That had to be less duck.
Plot: There was no magic. And no number of weapons. I was all fighting by hand. And no various of enemie sprites. Just a few enemies instead of a lot.
Scenery: I didn't like the screens. It was all to simple. No eye for details. And I really missed some people to talk to. Or things to do.
But after all the dmod was playable and I have seen worse.