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Ice Orb Spell

A new spell for Dink that freezes enemies and puts out fires and such other things a cold spell does.

New: enemies now shiver.
Fixed: bug dealing with screenchange.
Fixed: bug dealing with shatter graphic not appearing always.
Fixed: enemys no longer say "frozen" at the final blow.
Released:November 29th, 2009
File Size:154.77 KB
Release Notes:Cleaned up a lot of bad code. Removed most variables (including a global) and a few scripts were removed as well.
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June 11th, 2006
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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Ice Orb Spell

Something like this has kinda already been done, but not both effects. A similar spell was used in PotA. Really cool, good for a fiery D-Mod. I mean, for putting out lots of fires. Really cool!

Overall: 9.0 Really cool and again, good for fiery D-Mods.
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