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Hard Tiles Labeled

January 15th, 2006
Score : 3.0 tolerable
Peasant Male United States
I wrote this file basically for myself. My purpose was to know which hardness tiles were "free" to edit and which ones were being used by existing tiles. It probably wasn't written clear enough, but it served its purpose for me and that was its intention

Like most files of the time, it was done in a short timeframe and lacked a lot of the polish that could have made it better. None the less, useful in its own right.
July 7th, 2002
Score : 4.0 tolerable
This is a dmod like file that you can see it's real function only under DinkEdit. In principle, this file told you the tile hardness index of each tile square. The author did provide a readme file that explained a little bit about tile hardnes editing.

However, the information on the readme file is not clear, and some of the information seems to be incorrect. The dmod like file is OK, but hard to follow. In fact, if you don't understand what exactly going on, you might not be able to follow this file at all. I can understand this file nicely, but that's because I found out this file before I learn most of my knowledge about tile hardness the hard way. So because I have already known what the author was trying to explain, I can follow what he wanted to show. For most of the people who do not have any idea or just little idea about tile hardness index and want to learn about it, they might get even more confusing about the subject and add more misery to it.

Historically this file stood out to be the only file that touched this subject, but if you want to learn about tile hardness, go checking my tile hardness tutorial. You should be able to find almost all known answers to this subject to date.

As a tutorial, this is very bad. As a development file supplement, it has its merit. So I am going to give it a 4.0 (1.0 as a tutorial and 7.0 as a development supplement file)
June 21st, 2002
Score : 1.0 horrible
Peasant Male Australia
This is a very hard to follow document. It is a DMOD that should only be opened in DinkEdit or WinDinkEdit. It shows what all the tiles and there corresponding hardness areas are. But the labelling is not clear. It hasn't helped me much other than made me want to see what Paul wrote...