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Dream Weaver: Silent Knight

April 24th, 2013
Score : 6.3 fair
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This could have been much better.

Story: I'm not entirely sure what the story was. Something about trying to stop the spirit world and the real world from becoming one or something. Dink didn't have many lines and there were many times when I felt as if dink should have some reply, but nope. There really weren't many interactive things, which meant there were very few interesting interactive things.

Mapping: The screens were pretty bleak and barren. The author seemed to reuse dungeons- which I don't think is a bad idea, however if the screens don't look any different besides tougher monsters it's just lazy.

Midis&Sounds: The midi's were all right. Nothing memorable but none were annoying so it was fine.

Gameplay: The story maintains a pretty weak presence throughout the game. The bosses aren't interesting to fight at all. They just have a lot of health and are slightly slower than you. They only deal touch_damage so it's not hard to avoid them. As you progress the story the monsters get tougher, which could be a cool way to do things, if anything else changed. Overall the gameplay/combat bored me.

This is a very short game that is supposedly going to be continued, though that seems unlikely now. If you're looking for a short dmod to play you could play this, though it's only moderately good in my opinion.