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From the COTPATD project.
August 18th, 2005
Score : 9.6 exceptional
Peasant Male
I love this game! This really sets an example for other dinkers thinking of making Dmods. I have searched and searched, and this is the type of DMOD that I really have wanted to play. Sadly, it is made by a currently inactive member, and probably wont be finished. Graphics: 9.7/10 = No new graphics, but they are all used nicely. Story: 9.5/10 = Nothing that great, nothing that bad, but it does lead to some interesting gameplay. I especialy like TAL and REDINK1 Being characters, using their sprites from TDN MESSAGE BOARDS. The basic story here, is help TAL kill evil message posters in a creepy dungeon, but first go through towns full of evil people that insult you. Nothing that creative here folks. The only thing that keeps this from getting a higher mark is that it isnt finished, and has no ending. Music 0.0 : Nothing really here. As far as I can remember, it doesnt even HAVE music, and the duck sound affects are REALLY annoying (I kill them right away) Overall: 9.6/10 = This game is an instant classic, burdened by the fact you know it has no hope of being continued. some interesting things I have to point out are: There is a built in cheat system, and there are saved files already in game. Hope this review helps you in some way --- Ryan/rp64