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Dink's Father 1: Quest for the Scroll

September 20th, 2008
Score : 2.0 horrible
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In a few words, this dmod sucks horribly.

You're intentionally forced to run around oversized, incredibly plain areas that are completely void of life, and that's about it. Dink should at least get herb boots early in the game, but instead, he gets a light sword. What??? One of the game's few enemies does admittedly have unnecessarily many hitpoints but it's the danged trekking around that gets to you, the monotonous fights against monsters that are far too slow to give any kind of challenge are almost like a welcome break from the rest of this shootwalk.

For a dmod that only has 40 scripts, it also has too many bugs. Dink can get frozen when talking to people, or in one instance be unable to continue the game until you rename a script in the story folder. Very little testing seems to have taken place, even by the author himself, which would be disheartening if the game was otherwise worth playing. It does actually show promise in the beginning and some of the dialogue is pretty funny, it almost seems like Lancemads got fed up of having his effort only translate into a few minutes of gameplay, and turned to one of the shoottiest methods available to extend playing time without seeing trouble. For shame.