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Dink Wars (Demo)

Dink visits the post office. From the COTPATD project.
March 31st, 2013
Score : 3.0 tolerable
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This isn't a terrible try, as far as first dmods go. The god of thunder shows some promise as a dmod author, especially with a few puzzles that have a fairly clever concept behind them.

With that said, there isn't much to see here. The Dink Wars (or 'kendo' as the dmod's name appears on the dmod list) is plagued by many problems common with first dmods: It's clearly unfinished, there is no music, the mapping and hardness is bad, it's way too difficult when it comes to fighting, and worst of all, the dmod is buggier than a pillbug mound made of pillbug carapaces, with Nod buggies driving outside in circles. Don't punch the savebot.

With significant fixing and polishing (not to mention finishing), this could be a decent game, but I'm personally much more interested to see all the other stuff Thor must have been working on since releasing Dink Wars.