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Castle Killers

The castle has been stolen somehow! From the COTPATD project.
November 9th, 2004
Score : 5.9 fair
Peasant Female
Music is good but I don't think you can finish this mode. There are places you get teleported to like two different wells that you cannot get back from. You end up on a iceland full of trees. You can walk on water and into a cave that has nothing much. Walking on water will get you some potions, which you cannot use because you cannot get back or out of this ice area. There is a square trap hole that has hearts and a potion that does not disappear when you walk over it. The trap does not work. If you go the way you came in past the dragons to the well and try to teleport back it does not work. Nothing like paying a game that you cannot back to the places you came from after retrieving an item, all the work for nothing. It seems to have to many bugs.