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Armour Demonstration

June 3rd, 2010
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Male Sweden steam
FB5 is one of the first (I think so at least) to make an armour system for Dink Smallwood; but it really isn't that good.

What it does is that it keeps separate slots for armours, just like the magic and items, by using place-holder items. This is a good idea but there are some obvious flaws.

The armours take 4 slots from the items, which really doesn't matter... four slots more or less is nothing... right? Well yeah, but that means you can only keep four armours at the time. Forget what we all love in other games, to have different types of armours with different bonuses which you can switch between. As a matter of fact FB5 has been too lazy to even make the items give a bonus for demonstration!

Also you shouldn't be able to have, say two shirts at once. That's just bad. Right now you can just stack up with 4 shirts (Which you by the way can't sell in the test mod).

I understand that FB5's idea was that you should script that ourself, but then it would be easier to do a (better) system from scratch yourself.

Well, it's a first step towards a revolution within Dink gameplay, and I'm quite sure this will inspire people (Maybe a young 16 years old Swedish boy?) to make other (hopfully better) Armor demonstrations.

A good idea but far from enough. I'm quite sure we will see alternatives soon, maybe thanks to this?