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Anarchy Halloween Party

July 10th, 2004
Score : 8.2 good
A lot of what makes a good mod is couterintuition. I mean, if beating a mod entails doing exactly what you did in the original, what fun is it?

Anarchy Halloween Party follows an entirely different set of rules than the original. Instead of following instructions (which is a good 90% of what you do in DInk) you have to cause mayhem. I honestly couldn't figure out how to beat the game without looking at the scripting (read bob5, I think) because you have to disobey your boss. In Josh's parallel universe this makes sense because the only goal is anarchy... counterintuitive and good.

Its way to short to be a good romp... more of a demo for (the currently on-hold) Anarchy Hobo Party, but worth the download if you want something different.

(Oh yeah, dont read the reviews, they spoil everything)